Women’s History Month 2022

APAH staff and GOTR coach Becca
Garman, with program participants.

Reflecting on Women’s History Month 222, APAH is proud to recognize and honor the women on our team and the women we serve. Reported by the St. Louis Business Journal, “women comprised of just 36% of professionals in commercial real estate in 2020, a figure that has largely stayed the same since 2005.” This reality is true across the entire real estate industry, even while women comprise over 50% of our nation’s population.

Current and past leadership.
Left to right: Carmen Romero, Nina Janopaul,
and former Board Chair Susan Bell.

APAH is proud of its talented leaders and for those who came before, paving the way for the organization to be an exception to this national trend: APAH has been led by three women who have held the top position for 22 of its 33-year history, especially noteworthy given our nation’s track record of women in C-suite positions. And today, thanks to their leadership and example, 61% of our employees and 48% of our Board of Directors are women. Current President and CEO, Carmen Romero, breaks another glass ceiling as a woman of Latinx heritage.

Carmen is aware she represents more than the industry or her staff. She is also attuned to her commitment to serve and inspire residents who call APAH home, “APAH is working every day to empower its young female residents to achieve whatever they desire, personally and professionally.”


Inspiring the next generation of female leaders will lead to a future in which women are equitably represented across all industries and leadership roles. Our resident services program offers opportunities specifically designed to be empowering spaces for girls and young women to do just that. Partnerships with Rosie Riveters and Girls on the Run provide opportunities for young girls to grow their skills and see themselves succeeding in the future. A new partnership with Planned Parenthood is preparing to launch Project P, an educational health workshop for adolescent girls.