Community Engagement

APAH actively involves members of the community both when we begin a new project and after we’ve completed a development. Many homeowners have questions about how an affordable housing apartment building might affect the value of their home. In fact, real estate assessment data shows that the values of homes located near APAH properties consistently increase. What’s more convincing, however, is helping future neighbors understand that residents of APAH properties are just like them—caring citizens who work hard and contribute to their community.


Whether we’re developing a new building or renovating an existing apartment complex, we talk with neighbors, community leaders, and neighborhood associations about our plans to make sure what we’re building in their backyard is a cohesive part of the community where they’re proud to live. APAH staff members attend community meetings to answer questions and work through issues. We will even go door to door to ask if immediate neighbors have any concerns we can address. APAH also creates a web page where members of the community can post questions or contact the development team.


We always take care to invite neighbors and community members to the grand openings of our properties and any special events where they can get to know new neighbors and see our beautiful buildings for themselves.