Supportive Housing

While affordability is the key to making housing accessible to many, some individuals need just a little extra support to successfully live independently. APAH reserves approximately 10% of our apartments for supportive housing. The specific number of apartments designated for supportive housing varies from property to property.

Residents who live in supportive housing include

  • People transitioning from being unhoused
  • Individuals or families escaping domestic violence
  • Adults with development disabilities or mental illness

Strong partnerships with community organizations make supportive housing successful for our residents. We work closely with local nonprofits to ensure that residents can participate in wraparound services to meet their needs and provide rent subsidies to maintain affordability. Staff from partner organizations come into APAH properties to provide assistance to residents as well as delivering services off-site.

Supportive housing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Behavioral health services
  • Financial coaching
  • Housekeeping support
  • Housing support case management
  • Physical therapy
  • Rapid rehousing

Rapid rehousing is an effective strategy to prevent homelessness among individuals or families faced with eviction. APAH works with community partners to support the needs of these households.

Our community partners include: