Relocation Services

Whenever APAH redevelops an existing property, we work diligently with residents to make sure they have a safe, affordable place to move, and can stay in the same community if that’s their priority. The key to our success is clear, consistent, and timely communication with residents so they understand their options and can take advantage of APAH’s relocation services.

The steps in our relocation process include

  1. Holding community and one-on-one meetings to inform residents of renovation plans and timelines.
  2. Ensuring that residents have significant notice before they need to move.
  3. Offering priority placement within other APAH properties and facilitating applications and offering the opportunity to move back into their building once it’s renovated.
  4. Helping residents search for other housing if available APAH properties don’t work for their household.
  5. Providing moving benefits so the move has no financial impact on residents. Benefits include movers, utility cancelation and hookup charges, moving boxes, and other necessities OR a relocation payment that residents can use to make their own arrangements.

Anytime we need to relocate our residents, it is always APAH’s goal to make sure they secure another comfortable and affordable apartment in a timely manner and facilitate their transition.

Our relocation team is led by Director of Talent and Collaboration, Kim Painter.