Resident Services

Because a stable home is just the first step to a productive and healthy life, APAH’s Resident Services program organizes a variety of activities and provides individual assistance to residents to help them eliminate barriers to obtaining self-sufficiency.

Our programs for residents are organized into four areas:

  • Housing and family stability
  • Health and wellness
  • Education
  • Community solutions

Housing and Family Stability includes

  • Financial and money management classes
  • Assistance applying for rent relief

Health and Wellness includes

  • Food distribution events with the Arlington Food Assistance Center
  • COVID vaccine clinics
  • Cooking classes and demonstrations
  • Fitness programs
  • The People’s Pantry

Education includes

  • Story time
  • After-school learning programs
  • Computer literacy classes

Community Solutions includes

  • Information sessions on community programs
  • Community parties

Resident Services Team

  • Marquan Jackson, Vice President of Resident Services
  • Danette Lawerence, Associate Director of Resident Services
  • Henry Spears, Associate Director of Resident Services
  • Kane Donaghy, Resident Services Coordinator
  • Quinten Eason, Resident Services Assistant
  • Charade Jackson, Resident Services Coordinator
  • Danielle Johnson, Resident Services Manager
  • Raekwon Johnson, Resident Services Coordinator
  • Anthony Linares, Resident Services Coordinator
  • Anny Saez, Resident Services Coordinator
  • Jessica Stuart, Resident Services Manager
  • Kelley Vallecillo, Resident Services Coordinator
  • Genesis Villanueva, Resident Services Coordinator
  • Brandon Young, Resident Services Manager

Resident Services Impact Statement: 2023

Resident Services Impact Statement: 2022

Resident Services Impact Statement: 2020-2021

Onsite resident service coordinators provide eviction prevention assistance and coordinate program offerings.

Stability Promoting Services. Because a stable home is just the first step to a productive and healthy life, APAH’s Resident Services program provides additional support to our residents. In addition to offering safety-net services like food distribution, eviction prevention, and connecting residents to emergency funding, APAH also supports residents by offering opportunities to improve their employment, education, and financial stability.

Addressing Community Challenges. Immigrants, low-income workers, and individuals with special needs all depend on programs and services slated for deep cuts. APAH is responding to this very real anxiety through education and advocacy. We have partered with the ACLU and Casa Virginia to offer eight workshops to help immigrant parents and their children better protect themselves and their loved ones. With our residents and other service providers, APAH is leading a new coalition to identify needs and make sure all of our voices are heard as Arlington sets priorities and makes decisions.

Our resident services programming relies on partners and volunteers.