Where ex-soldiers have socialized, they will soon find affordable housing – Washington Post – November 17, 2018

In 2016, the American Legion Post 139 selected APAH to purchase and redevelop its property. The partnership will create desperately needed affordable housing at a prime Arlington location.

The future building will have 160 committed affordable apartments and will offer programs and services designed to meet the needs of veterans. And, the building will continue to be home to Post 139.

The apartments are to be 50% veterans preference.

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Excerpt: “The sale of American Legion Post 139, however — which will result in 160 new apartments, half set aside for military veterans — may be the first collaboration between a veterans organization and an affordable housing agency, experts say.

“I have not come across a similar project,” said Deborah Burkart, who is on the board of the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and founded the national “Bring them HOMES” initiative. Given the thousands of such facilities nationwide, she said, “This could be an example others follow.”