When is the Next Class? Computer Literacy Programming for Seniors Advances

Technological barriers impede seniors’ well-being more severely than other demographics. In fact, many of APAH’s senior residents have self-identified technology as a consistent obstacle in accessing support services. One way APAH is breaking down barriers for seniors is through a partnership with the Arlington Alliance for Senior Programs. The partnership is facilitating two 8-week computer classes for residents aged 55 years and up.

The alliance’s mission is, “to help the senior population of Arlington County maintain an active and healthy lifestyle,” directly aligning with one of APAH’s core resident services pillars – health and wellness.

And, Ted Hicks, long-time APAH Board Member and resident, participated in the program. Ted often shares suggestions with APAH on how to best implement new programs, including our Resident Council, to meet the needs of his fellow residents.

Ten seniors participated in the two classes hosted thus far.  Each participant worked on a laptop for the duration of the class during which they learned how to use the computer and explore the internet. The seniors were then able to keep the laptop at the completion of the class!  The feedback from the course has been overwhelming, with our seniors enjoying this opportunity to exercise their independence. Other seniors are already asking, “when is the next class?!”

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