The Creativity is Blooming: Encore Program Resumes at APAH

We have our dancing shoes on! Encore Stage & Studio has resumed their toddler classes at two APAH properties, just in time for spring. The partner organization’s mission is to “inspire young people to develop the creativity, empathy and confidence they need to create meaningful connections with peers and have a positive impact in their communities,” through music and theater, aligning perfectly with APAH’s efforts to partner with our residents and amplify their voices.

The classes run for six weeks at Queens Court and Columbia Hills and provide young APAH residents (aged 3-5) with the opportunity to explore their creativity through sessions filled with music, games, stories, and dances led by passionate instructors.

The program has multiple benefits familiar to parents: physical activity expels extra energy, music and dancing with friends introduces the arts and creates bonds, and the adults have an hour knowing their child is safe and having fun. Parents have also shared their enjoyment in seeing their children be engaged and excited as they learn skills. Thanks to Encore Stage & Studio, these kids can engage in key social interactions with their classmates that are crucial for cognitive development and mental health but have been more difficult to maintain during the pandemic.