The Changing Face of Volunteering with APAH

The spirit of volunteering continues to support APAH programming during the pandemic even though volunteering in and around the current health crisis continues to change. Most volunteering has been centered around helping residents access food at food distributions or delivery services for those who are unable to leave their home due to their higher risk to

Long-time APAH volunteers who have needed to pause their service look forward to returning once in-person programming resumes. Meanwhile, we are grateful for the many new groups and individuals who have joined with veteran volunteers.


Collin came to APAH through Arlington Community Corps (ACC), a newly formed organization that connects volunteers with individuals and organizations that need support. He responded to a request for help distributing produce at Gilliam Place.

Collin was moved to do more for food stability. “I saw the stories of farmers having to dump or destroy literally tons of food because restaurants were closed and there was nowhere to sell their goods, while at the same time food banks couldn’t keep up with demand because millions of people had lost their jobs. The waste and injustice of the situation was heartbreaking. ”

A special thank you to Collin for his commitment to meeting the farmers at 6am each Sunday morning for the produce delivery!

He said, “I’ve really enjoyed volunteering with APAH! It’s been really nice getting to know the residents and other volunteers, especially in a time when the only other social interaction that I get is through Zoom.”

Martin and Natalia distributing produce boxes at Buchanan Gardens.


Martin and Natalia

Married couple Martin and Natalia came to APAH by initially volunteering for a week-long meal distribution event in May. They are always looking for ways to help their community. Their new, more flexible work schedules, as a result working from home, have allowed them to engage in the community.

When asked what prompted them to reply to our need, “APAH’s role in the community is important and we want to help out and engage with others!” And engage they did!

During the meal distributions, Martin and Natalia walked the property, encouraging residents to pick up meals for their family, carrying boxed meals for them, handing out cloth masks and assisted a resident locked out of his car. They enjoyed their service so much that they decided to continue volunteering at APAH by managing the distribution of some of the weekend produce boxes at a second APAH community.

Witnessing Martin’s comfort with taking on any task requested and his ability to troubleshoot and respond to changing needs, it‘s unsurprising to learn that he served with AmeriCorps Vista in 2009 running a community service program at a university in Connecticut.

For information on APAH’s current volunteer needs, contact Julie Booth at We are in need of volunteers to support in-person opportunities like AFAC grocery distributions, deliveries, in addition to some remote work. If you are a mask maker and able to provide masks, we would greatly appreciate any donations to APAH.