Citi’s Community Progress Makers: Building Vibrant, Resilient Cities

The Community Progress Makers Fund, established by the Citi Foundation, is an initiative that invests in 40 visionary organizations from around the country that are committed to creating opportunity and driving economic progress within the communities they serve. These organizations are local influencers – they build coalitions, support place-based solutions to poverty, and help build stronger, more resilient, more equitable cities.

APAH and the Progress Makers: Transforming Lives on Columbia Pike

APAH was chosen as one of the 40 recipients of the Citi Foundation’s Community Progress Makers Fund in 2016. Thanks to the grant, we took major steps forward in generating opportunity for Arlington residents by building and preserving more affordable housing, as well as mobilizing a brain trust of community leaders to address issues of equity and inclusion.

On Monday, November 13th, APAH hosted the nation’s Progress Makers in Arlington. The group took a journey along Columbia Pike, where we highlighted its vibrant history and our work in creating affordable, service-oriented homes along the corridor. After touring through Arlington Mill Residences, APAH facilitated a panel with Katie Cristol (County Board Vice Chair), Anita Friedman (Director, DHS), and Courtney Reeve (Aspire!) and discussed the Community Progress Makers Advisory Council in Arlington.

Made up of more than 30 civic and business leaders, residents, and elected officials, the Advisory Council works to address systems change and structural barriers in order to enable more low income residents to stabilize and thrive. APAH first mobilized this group of Arlington leaders in 2016. In the last year, the group has gathered data, identified which services and areas are stressed by need, and raised up issues affecting our low income neighbors.

While APAH and the Advisory Council are working to create innovative and people-oriented solutions within Arlington, the DC convening provided a dynamic opportunity to share best practices and strategies with our national Progress Makers partners.