Partner Focus: AFAC

Volunteers at AFAC Thanksgiving turkey distribution.

At Marbella Apartments, where food distributions are Thursday afternoons, Resident Services Coordinator Katherine says that hot dogs are by far the most popular item. Additionally, residents get very excited for dessert (which is not always offered) and may consist of donuts, cookies, or gourmet treats from Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

APAH’s AFAC distributions are managed by a core group of volunteers. Ruth, Carol, and Ricky, who coordinate the distribution at Marbella Apartments, have been volunteering for all five years APAH has partnered with AFAC. They love the connection with the residents and the community spirit that shows itself during pickups. There are residents who assist elderly or disabled neighbors to get groceries into their apartments, kids bouncing around to choose the best looking fruits, and families catching up about the past week’s happening. AFAC, for many APAH residents, represents more than just groceries- it is also a connection to the community around them.

Our goal as an organization is to bring the most robust services to our residents, and AFAC helps us accomplish that goal. Through more than 20 community group partnerships, we bring everything from groceries to Zumba classes and beyond home to APAH.

Your donation allows our Resident Services Coordinators to work with community partners like AFAC, A-SPAN, and others to bring valuable services to the residents who call an APAH property home as they seek to live productive, stable lives in Arlington.