Carolina E.


Carolina immigrated to the United States from Honduras in 2005.  She came to join her now-husband, who had immigrated four years earlier.

Today, Carolina and her husband have two children, Diego and Leah.  Although they try to raise their children with a traditional Honduran upbringing, it’s challenging being far away from all the family they miss. Carolina’s community of close friends at Columbia Grove has provided more than just support to her growing family. Though she never expected to be in a place quite like Arlington, she “feels blessed” to have met and connected with neighbors from all over the world.  Carolina and her husband love the fact that they can let their children go outside and play and feel safe in this area.

With firm faith, the Espino family continues to give back to the community and live “in peace” at Columbia Grove.   When Leah begins school, Carolina plans to find a job and continue her progress learning English.  The Espino family values the programs and opportunities they have as APAH residents and hopes to continue living in Arlington, their home.