National Volunteer Week 2019: April 7 to 13

“Volunteerism is currency that appreciates.”     -Susan J. Ellis

National Volunteer Week is April 7-13. Each year, this week of recognition is an opportunity for organizations to honor volunteers and recognize the irreplaceable impact of the time and energy they share all year round.

Every day, volunteers support APAH and help us further our mission. Volunteers serve APAH individually, in groups, and through our nonprofit partners. What terms would we use to describe our volunteer team? Here are just a few: generous, reliable, talented, capacity builders, and community-minded.

The impact of volunteer service is felt across the organization in the following ways:

  • Board and committee service guiding APAH’s strategic planning and mission delivery.
  • Enhancing literacy and academic success for students K-12.
  • Helping foster a sense of welcome, community, and inclusion.
  • Supporting services provided by our community partners.
  • Supporting daily administrative work that helps keep programs and services running smoothly.
  • Being a voice in the community in support of affordable housing and resident services.
  • Furthering fundraising efforts.
  • Sharing resources with those who otherwise do not have access.

And what does the APAH staff have to say about the work of our volunteers? “Volunteers help us achieve programming success.” “I have the dream team of volunteers helping me each week.” Regarding advocacy volunteers, “The time and thoughtful messaging of volunteers who support affordable housing initiatives paid off when the County Board approved site plans and funding for our American Legion and Queens Court projects.” Finally, a descriptor for an APAH volunteer who serves in multiple ways across APAH programs and services, “She’s the!”

As National Volunteer Week approaches, we offer our heartfelt thanks to those who serve APAH, those who serve our partner organizations, and to all those who give their time to serve and support others. THANK YOU!