Her Own Home for the Holidays: Barbara’s Story

When Barbara G. moved into Columbia Hills Apartments, it was the first time in 12 years she had a space of her own to call home. After living in Arlington with her daughter and son-in-law she is happy for the stability of her apartment. “It’s a new experience. I am comfortable,” she said.

When she first moved in, Barbara immediately integrated herself into the community by quickly meeting her neighbors. “I made it my business to introduce myself to them if I passed them in the hallway.” She also sees many at Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) distributions, which are held weekly in the community room at Columbia Hills. Like many APAH residents, she finds on-site food distributions especially convenient to help keep her pantry full.

Because Barbara enjoys being active and keeping herself busy she appreciates that her apartment is convenient to her church, favorite shops, and daughter. She used to work as an administrative assistant for the Arlington Employment Center and is looking for part-time work to help fill her days. She also plans to volunteer for APAH.

As a senior citizen, Barbara is acutely aware of the different people of people seeking affordable housing. “Senior affordable housing is desperately needed.”

This is the first year in many that Barbara will have her own space to call “home” for the holidays.  “The rent is affordable for me and it is safe,” she said with relief.