Gathering Around the Table

APAH residents share how they spent their Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving traditions vary from table to table. APAH is thankful for so many things this season: our donors and supporters, our residents, and our community that values diversity and inclusivity. Although it is traditionally known as an American holiday, APAH residents, many of whom originate from different countries, have embraced celebrating Thanksgiving. Here’s some of the varied traditions celebrated by APAH residents this year:

AFAC distributed 76 turkeys
ahead of Thanksgiving to residents at
Marbella to enjoy over the holiday.

Mekonnen A. and his two teenagers cooked a mix of traditional Ethiopian dishes and American menu items. He recalled a similar holiday in Ethiopia, called Irreechaa, which celebrates Waaqa, the God of the Oromo People, for the blessings of the previous year. He was thankful to have his family with him and for his home at The Springs Apartments.

Munkhgerel S. loves the fall season. She grew up celebrating Thanksgiving in Mongolia, but has been living in the U.S. for three years. Her family – her husband and 3-year-old daughter – combine their Mongolian heritage with their American life. She cooked a turkey and made Mongolian salads. After dinner, their family skipped the football, and instead watched holiday movies on Netflix.

Maravel J. is a resident of Columbia Grove apartments. She hosted quite the party – several cousins, nieces and nephews, and siblings – at her apartment. Their dinner, Maravel would say, fits a traditional menu, but their big effort is on desert. Her family always makes lots of pastries and stay up late into the night sharing stories of holiday memories. Her neighbor at Columbia Grove, Maria G., had more of a “friendsgiving” and hosted several friends at her apartment.

Being a Dallas Cowboys fan, football was the main focus of Lolita C.’s Thanksgiving day, even though they lost their game on Thursday.  Having grown up in Arlington, Lolita loves it here this time of year. She celebrated with her sister and brother; they prepared a huge feast. “My favorite is mac and cheese,” she said, “I could eat a few plates of that!”