Expanding Resident Services: Homework Club

APAH’s Resident Services Coordinators offer a variety of programs to serve residents of all ages. Students are the focus of the newest pilot program, Homework Club, which provides a quiet, supportive environment to complete homework. The pilot is taking place at APAH’s newest property, Columbia Hills, and is open to students living at APAH’s Columbia Grove apartments next door, too. Students in grades 3-12 are participating and finding value in the program which gives them a quiet space to think and study and some personalized help.

Finding a quiet space to think and complete homework can be difficult for students living in apartments. Especially if they have younger siblings of varying ages. Additionally, as students age and have more advanced assignments, parents often feel less able to assist them with their homework. This is compounded when the parents’ primary language is not English.

To address this need the club is open for 2 hours each week. Students have access to the multi-purpose room and computer lab (and its printer!).  The rooms are staffed by volunteers, who run everything from sign-in to snacks.  And, the volunteers assist the students with their assignments. Some volunteers have identified students with more intensive needs and our Resident Services Coordinators have connected them weekly one-on-one tutoring. But it’s not just volunteers, the students can also help each other. As club volunteer Diana G. noted, “I’ve seen kids quizzing each other!”, and has observed them checking each other’s work.

While the program is just completing its second month, it is popular, and the pilot will continue through the end of the school year.  Most weeks have at least 8 students in attendance, and parents seem satisfied with the program.  At a very basic level, it is providing students with access to internet and printers, which is imperative in today’s educational environment.  However, it is also providing students access to adults outside of their family and school community, to provide support and build relationships.