Empowering young APAH residents through STEM education

A partnership between APAH and Rosie Riveters provides young girls with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) lessons and activities. Programming from Rosie Riveters brings opportunities for these young residents to experience and explore activities that not only teach them about the world around them but show them that learning can be fun and empowering.

Three Rosie Riveter projects made by a
seven-year-old APAH resident.

On Mondays in May, virtual classes took place allowing young girls in elementary school to participate in fun activities on their asynchronous school day with Arlington Public Schools. Age-appropriate educational kits were distributed ahead of time for the students to join in the class. If families wanted to participate in the activities but could not attend the virtual classes, instructions were included and offered in both English and Spanish. Kindergarteners through second graders learned through activities like Marshmallow Propulsion, Friction Climbers, Artificial Lungs, and Constellation Cards. For girls in third to fifth grade, the activities consisted of Lava Lamps, Astrolabe, Binary Code Jewelry, and Rubber Band Helicopters.

This popular program has allowed 29 youth to explore new ways of engaging with STEM and making creations about which they are excited and proud. Which is unsurprising since one goal of Rosie Riveters is to provide a fun space for girls to imagine, learn, build, and play. And they succeed. One APAH parent shared that her seven-year-old daughter
enjoyed the program and was very happy with the activities.

“Rosie Riveters’ prides itself on providing accessible opportunities for girls to be engaged and inspired by STEM. The bedrock of that accessibility is community partnerships. We have been honored to collaborate with APAH to provide engaging and rewarding opportunities for the incredible children living in its residences; and we cannot wait to watch them use their STEM skills to develop innovative solutions and opportunities for Northern Virginia.”

Brittany Greer, Executive Director, Rosie Riveters