Building Community to Begin 2023

APAH apartments are vibrant communities, connecting residents with their neighbors, APAH staff, and service providers. Residents know there is a network of support available to them.

To continue to build community, APAH now hosts community dinners that rotate between five properties: Queens Court, the Springs, Gilliam Place, Arlington Mill, and Columbia Hills. We encourage residents to stay and eat their meals in the community room amongst neighbors and new friends. The meal is offered with standardized nutrition: protein, starch, and vegetables. Our menu for January’s inaugural dinner was baked/fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans, a roll, and dessert. APAH partners with local chefs and businesses to help make these dinners a success. The residents enjoyed the meal and loved even more that it was hot and fresh.

APAH has started an eight-week fitness training program at Columbia Hills with Nancy and Juan Carlos from Exercise4Everyone, LLC. The 8-week training program will include 16 one-hour exercise classes conducted in-person, an instructional exercise video for streaming in both community rooms across the portfolio and residents’ homes, exercise education materials, and printouts to take home. Our residents will also receive a water bottle and yoga strap for their participation and continued fitness journey outside of the classroom. The resident services team is truly vested in working to improve our community’s health, well-being, and quality of life. This fitness program is only the start of a lifelong journey.