Celebrating Community Support of K-12 Students in Arlington

Individuals, neighbors, faith communities, and businesses in Arlington and across the DC metro region, once again came together to support Arlington students and their families.

Some of the most inspiring giving stories include:

  • The local brothers who hosted a lemonade stand to raise money to fill several backpacks for APAH and, in addition, held a drive at the young man’s birthday party the same weekend!
  • A young couple with a toddler donated 16 filled backpacks for kindergarten and middle school students. Having both grown up in Arlington, they offered their generous support to current APS students again this year.
  • Several parents engaged their children in filling a backpack for students while picking up their own supplies, including kids who won’t be entering school until next year!
  • The wonderful faith communities of Arlington Temple United Methodist Church and St. Mary’s Episcopal Church whose members filled backpacks for entire APAH rental communities.
  • And from the corporate giving arena, a big thanks to Hillmann Consulting, LLC for donating 50 filled backpacks for middle school and high school students.

So, what does a successful APAH backpack drive mean?

  • It means that, across APAH’s 15 rental communities, every K-12 student, more than 450 kids, in need of supplies for the coming school year received them.
  • It means that we were also able to supply backpacks for some pre-k students and college freshmen!
  • It also means that, through backpack distribution events, valuable connections were made between APS educators and students and their families, helping strengthen this important bond.

To all the donors who were part of this important project that will have lasting value for many: Thank You! Gracias! Ameseginalehu! Shukran! Баярлалаа!