Arlington, Virginia, Delivers Digital Inclusion Via Dark Fiber Network – Muni Networks – January 5, 2018

APAH and Arlington County have partnered to address the often invisible digital divide. Arlington Mill Residences will be able to receive no-cost, high-quality internet through the ConnectArlington network. This partnership will help those lower-income neighbors have the same access to online resources and information as those households that can afford high-speed internet, allowing students better and more ready access to homework and school assignments, adults easier access for job searches, and more.

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The Department of Technology Services (DTS) and Department of Community Planning, Housing, and Development (CPHD) are collaborating to support the Arlington Digital Inclusion initiative. The initiative will start in Arlington Mills by providing free Wi-Fi to each unit and will eventually move to other properties owned by the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH). As the program moves forward, the city plans to seek out private donations and other grants to reduce the digital divide.