Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing Makes Voter Registration a Core Component of its Work – National Low Income Housing Coalition – October 9, 2018

APAH’s resident services team has made an organizational commitment to make sure all of the residents that live in our apartments are registered to vote. We’ve partnered with local organizations and volunteers to assist those who are not registered to become so.

Resident Services programming focuses on both promoting stability and addressing community challenges. By taking intentional steps to increase the leadership and civic engagement of the residents at our properties, it was a natural extension to encourage all of our residents to register and vote.

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“Low income people don’t vote as much,” said Jose Quinonez, APAH’s director of community impact. “Yes, it’s because they are disenfranchised, and they don’t register. But they’re too busy too. This is an easy thing for us to do. It’s our way to say: we’re with you and we want to support you. We will help you know your rights. We will help you if you want to vote so you can vote. We hope that other nonprofit developers see this as part of their mission like we do. The more we facilitate civic engagement in their lives and the more we participate in the electoral process and are counted, the more we are advancing the issue of affordable housing.”