APAH’s Pop-Up Clinic Vaccinates 130

Access to technology, navigating the vaccine registration process, and transportation to clinics are some of the many obstacles that have prevented marginalized groups from receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. But a partnership between APAH and Neighborhood Health is making a difference and increasing vaccination rates in Arlington.

Community members in line at
the vaccine clinic at Columbia Hills
on May 18th.

Neighborhood Health selected APAH as a community partner to help increase equity in COVID-19 vaccination. A pop-up clinic was set up at APAH’s Columbia Hills apartment building to distribute the Pfizer vaccine, with a first dose occurring on May 18th and second dose on June 8th. The clinic was open to both APAH residents and the general public.

Prior to the first vaccination date, APAH and Neighborhood Health conducted outreach across Arlington to encourage all community members in the area to take advantage of this vaccine clinic. APAH’s Resident Services team put up flyers promoting the vaccine clinic at APAH properties, along streets, and at nearby shopping centers. These flyers also promoted incentives such as a raffle of various prizes: gift cards at the first clinic and a new TV for those who attended the second clinic.

The outreach proved to be successful as 130 people were vaccinated with their first dose on May 18th. There was a steady flow of people from start to end, and the allotted vaccines even ran out, but additional people who arrived after the vaccines ran out were able to secure future appointments with Neighborhood Health at their other clinics. On June 8th at the vaccine clinic for the second vaccine dose, 128 of the 130 original people vaccinated returned – APAH followed-up with the remaining two people to secure a future appointment. The clinics were tremendously successful due to the ease of access and intentional outreach but most importantly, the clinics helped vaccinate marginalized community members and APAH residents.