APAH Kids Take on Karate!

In partnership with the Arlington YMCA, an exciting and impactful experience was created that brought together the community for a unique learning opportunity. Running from April to July 2023, young residents expanded their physical fitness skills and experiences learning Karate!

The Karate class, which served around 40 children ages 6-12, was well-rounded, offering a blend of physical activity, mental focus, and character-building. From learning basic stances and techniques to understanding the importance of discipline, the students were engaged and ecstatic about the program.

In fact, what stood out the most was the excitement in our young residents – their eyes lit up as they practiced moves and interacted with their peers. This Karate class introduced them to a new skill and boosted their self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning. The skilled instructors from the YMCA were integral to the program’s success and guided the participants through the intricacies of Karate while also instilling values of respect and teamwork.

APAH prioritizes enrichment opportunities like this so that our youth can flourish and have access to programs that support their well-being.