35 for 35: Celebrating the Class of 2024


APAH hosted a celebration for high-school graduates across the portfolio this month. Friends, family, and APAH staff gathered for a student send off and to congratulate them on the next step in their educational journey.

At the ceremony, APAH announced the winner of its $1,500 essay scholarship contest, which was open to all high-school seniors. Students reflected on a significant cultural or familial influence and how it has shaped their educational journey.

“I am proud to have been raised solely by my mom, a strong woman who inspires me everyday to never stop pursing my dreams, and I am optimistic about what I have to contribute to the world. I will take the value of working hard and continue to use it while pursing higher education in order to make my mom proud and make the word a better place, especially for kids like myself, so that they have amazing opportunities such as the ones I have been gifted.” – Essay Contest Winner