2019 APAH Health and Housing Resource Fair

A fair participant gets a screening.

The annual APAH Health Fair brings partners from across Arlington County that provide quality health care to low-income residents. This year, the fair was at Gilliam Place on November 16th, as part of the Grand Opening weekend for Gilliam Place and the Arlington Presbyterian Church. Partners included The Lion’s Club, Neighborhood Health, and Global Health, among many others. The Fair also hosted partners that focus on community engagement and outreach, including The Census, Arlington Department of Human Services, and The Virginia Cooperative Extension services.

Nurses administered 68 flu shots.

The focus of the health fair is to bring direct health services to APAH residents and other low-income members of the Arlington community.  As there are large barriers to accessing affordable health care involving time, language, money, and transportation, bringing so many providers that treat all ages and different areas of health is a great benefit to many people.  There were over 110 attendees, both APAH residents and other residents of Arlington, that had their blood pressure, vision, and glucose tested on-site, as well as learning about healthy eating, insurance, and general healthy habits from other partners. Many people came for free flu shots—68 participants received theirs on site!

From one screening, a participant found that her glucose was 400 and the nurse guided the participant to the emergency room to seek treatment. Other residents hadn’t had their eyes, blood pressure, and dental screenings done in years. Global Health was able to provide screenings for all members of the family, allowing participants to make just one trip rather than separate appointments.  Additionally, the providers worked to ensure that if they identified an issue in need of follow up, they brought the participant directly to another provider’s table to receive assistance for follow up. APAH residents will have the opportunity to do follow-up coordination with health care providers through our Resident Services team.

This year, the fair also hosted partners focused on housing stability.  Throughout the event, a line of people waited to talk with SL Nusbaum, APAH’s property management company, about how to apply to live in one of our affordable units!  Participants also connected with the DHS community outreach office, to learn about the various programs in Arlington to help stabilize and support families.

A health fair participant learns about dental hygiene.