Frequently Asked Questions

Workforce or Employment issues or questions: Jacquelyn Keys | | 571.249.2928

Assistance in Arabic: Jacquelyn Keys | | 571.249.2928

Education and Arlington Public Schools questions: Jessica Stuart | | 571.249.3082

Health and Wellness or seniors, 60+: Venus Burgess | | 571.210.1378

If you have a question about affordable housing in general, please see if we’ve answered your question here. If you have a question not answered below, please contact us.


I want to rent an APAH apartment. Who do I talk to?
Our rental agent is S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co. If you are interested in an APAH apartment, please call the main rental office at (703) 528-8151. back to top


Where are APAH’s Affordable Housing apartments located?
APAH has 14 properties located throughout Arlington County.  Please see Our Properties or About Our Buildings our apartment directory  for a full listing. back to top


I am interested in renting an apartment in an APAH property/I have more questions about a specific APAH building. Who do I contact?
S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co. is the company responsible for managing waitlists, applications, and rentals in APAH properties.  If you are interested in an APAH apartment, please call the rental team at (703) 528-8151. back to top


Can we have a specific resident services program (class, event, etc.) at my building?
APAH’s Resident Services staff brings programs, classes and events to APAH properties and residents. Contact your Resident Services Coordinator to learn more. back to top


I’m having a problem with my apartment (or the property). Who do I contact with complaints?
For problems with your apartment or property, please contact the S.L. Nusbaum office for your property.  See the Property List for the correct telephone number. back to top


I need help with services (food, energy bills, health, etc.) in addition to my housing. Who can I call?

APAH does not directly provide supplemental services to residents.  However, several partner organizations in the area do provide assistance to many of APAH’s residents.

There is a list of resources that residents may find useful in the sidebar to the right.  Residents may find the  Arlington County Department of Human Services  to be particularly helpful.  Services the DHS can help with include: adult and child protective services, child care questions, the Arlington Employment Center, crisis assistance, housing grants, fuel assistance, mental health services, section 8 housing services, public health information, immunization clinics and more.  The number to reach the DHS is (703) 228-1350.

If you are in immediate crisis, the following organizations can help:
•     Arlington County Crisis Assistance Bureau : (703)228-1300
•     Arlington Food Assistance Center : (703) 845-8486
•     CrisisLink : (703) 527-4077
•    Doorways for Women and Families : (703) 237-0881
•    Emergency Mental Health assistance (24 hours): (703) 228-4256
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I would like to move from one APAH building to a different one. What is the process?
For information regarding transferring to an APAH apartment at another of our properties, please contact S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co. at (703) 528-8151. back to top