APAH’s Enduring Commitment to Quality Housing

APAH remains committed to developing, preserving, and owning quality, affordable places to live. It is our mission to promote stability and opportunity for our residents, and to advocate with the people and communities we serve. To ensure that feedback and concerns around property issues are handled in a timely manner, APAH wishes to partner with our residents to keep their homes in the best conditions possible. Residents should feel confident that APAH takes their needs seriously and even small problems can, and should, be reported. All property issues communicated will be received respectfully and resolved with the care and consideration they deserve. As we continuously improve our focus on helping our residents maintain their home, we are providing multiple ways to report maintenance issues or problems with their unit or the property:

  • Service Requests via Property Leasing Office. All residents receive the phone number to report issues or request services at their property. At some properties, residents can also initiate service requests via the property website’s resident portal.
  • Customer Service Hotline. All residents are provided the phone and email hotline information: (757) 955-8143 for phone and howarewedoing@slnusbaum.com for email. Both are monitored by regional management and requests and outcomes are shared with APAH asset management monthly.
  • Effective March 2022, a new senior maintenance position was launched within APAH’s property management company S.L. Nusbaum (SLN) to resolve requests that cannot be handled by property-specific leadership.
  • At APAH’s request, property management and resident service staff have scheduled listening sessions with residents at all APAH properties this spring. Meeting notes are shared with APAH leadership to ensure feedback is recorded and follow-up is scheduled for action items.

A standard of APAH’s contracted service with SLN is that emergency service requests are responded to immediately. If a request comes in after hours, it is assigned to the property’s on-call service tech. Non-emergency/routine service requests are to be responded to within 24-hours and fixed as soon as possible. If any delay in repairs is anticipated (to order parts, etc.), the resident is notified of the expected repair date.

While SLN is the first line of response at the property level, APAH’s asset management team follows up on any escalation of complaint and regularly reviews the hotline reports to ensure property management’s timely response to resident concerns and identify any trends or property-wide issues for further action. Additionally, APAH surveys its residents annually, with a goal of surveying 100% of units over five years. APAH staff use HUD’s standard form and provide incentives for resident feedback. The results of the survey are reviewed by the APAH board on a yearly basis.