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APAH believes that a safe, affordable place to call home is something that everyone deserves. After purchasing a property, we initiate renovations to the apartments as well as the common grounds. These extensive renovations not only enhance living conditions and beautify exterior surroundings, but also ensure that APAH properties comply with building code, safety and environmental regulations. These upgrades also increase the tax assessment of the properties, thereby generating additional revenue to the County, which APAH pays in property taxes.

We take pride in the renovations we make after purchasing each property. In addition to basic structural repairs, we also make changes to improve the character of the building, include redesigning the doorways, converting ground-floor apartments to accommodate the physically challenged and landscaping the grounds so that each resident looks forward to coming home.

APAH currently owns 12 properties providing housing to 995 Arlington households and is developing Arlington Mill Residences. This property will be completed in December 2013.

  Arlington Mill Residences
901 South Dinwiddie Street
122 Apartments
This property will be completed in December 2013.

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  Buchanan Gardens
914 South Buchanan Street
111 Apartments

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  The Barkalow
2708-2718 North Pershing Drive
14 Apartments

Fisher House I
1211 North Kennebec Street
9 Apartments

  Fisher House II
1111 North Kenilworth Street
8 Apartments

Fisher House III
1201 North Kennebec Street
9 Apartments

  Fisher House IV
5701 North 11th Road
8 Apartments
  Carlyn Springs
4318 North Carlin Spring Road
27 Apartments
  Queens Court
1801-1805 North Quinn Street
39 Apartments
  Cameron Commons
2028 North Cameron Street
16 Apartments
  Calvert Manor
1925 North Calvert Street
23 Apartments

Leckey Gardens
2031 North Woodrow Street
40 Apartments

  Courthouse Crossings
1240 North Rolfe Street
112 Apartments
Columbia Grove.   Columbia Grove
1010 South Frederick Street
210 Apartments

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Parc Rosslyn.   Parc Rosslyn
1531 North Pierce Street
238 Apartments

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  Marbella Apartments
1301 N. Queen Street
134 Apartments .

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